Black Bile CD

Black Bile CD

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*Only a few copies are left of our album "Black Bile" on CD.*

Get yourself a copy of Sinnery's 2nd album "Black Bile", it was released by Exitus Stratagem Records in September of 2022.
'Black Bile' was produced by Sinnery and Yuval Kramer (Hammercult, Amaseffer, and more) and was mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Kreator, Trivium, Machine Head and more).

This new tasty little rager pops the clutch and pumps the gas on modern thrash with a grizzled edge” Kevin Stewart-Panko, July 2022 Decibel Magazine

"No doubt, Sinnery do know how to throw a musical tantrum. One spin through “The Burning” proves that. As the album opener, it’s a hard-charging and thoroughly electrifying experience, packed with bludgeoning drum attacks, gut-slugging bass-lines, and the kind of brazen and blistering riffage that gets hearts pounding." Islander, No Clean Singing September 2022