Mad Dog T-Shirt

Mad Dog T-Shirt

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Didn't get a chance to grab one of these at our show? Pick it up here! 

The infamous "Mad Dog" shirt is back from the dead!
After 8 years since it first sold out it's back and here to stay.

'In the dimly lit closet, the shirt hung forgotten, overshadowed by trendier garments. Yet, it harbored a quiet resilience, a whispered promise of timeless style. As the fashion tides shifted, it unfurled its threads with pride, proclaiming its rightful place as a proper piece of merchandise. Stitch by stitch, it wove a narrative of sophistication, daring the world to recognize the enduring elegance it had always possessed.
Be among the first to kick the retro Sinnery style back in your friend's face cuz it's all about rehashing nowadays.'

Sinnery's "Mad Dog" shirt  is printed on the front of a 100% cotton high-quality Gildan T-shirt.